It's that time of year again! It's wedding season and that means finding the perfect dress or dresses to attend as a guest.  I've already had two wedding this year and I still have three more to go. I'm excited to be celebrating in the union of love. My biggest focus as a wedding guest is finding the right attire to wear. It can be hard to find something appropriate depending on whether the wedding is held inside or outside, how formal or casual the wedding is.

I'm sure you're having the same trouble so I've decided to round up a few different dresses in colours and styles. This will make it easier to find an appropriate dress looking beautiful and not sweating in the blistering heat. 

I'm all about adding a little colour , and this red number definitely stands out against a crowd. If you're looking for something more subtle you can always go with the classic black. This one from Shopbop I'm loving because it's a classic but with a twist. A one shoulder, and a slit running down one side adds a fun touch to the normal black you usually see. For a simple look with a subtle colour this Eliza J dress is adorable! I think it's such a cute dress and has an adorable lace detailing on the bodice and sleeves. I'd opt for this strapless Revolve dress for a summer wedding that's having it's reception outside. I'm loving the colour as well because it a perfect shade of pink, (my signature colour.)

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S H O P  T H E  C O L L E C T I O N



Catching up with friends and enjoying patio season while we still can. 


Flip flops are my best friend right now. I wear them every chance I get. 


Sushi date because I can never have enough sushi.  Salmon anything is my favourite.


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A few months ago I went to Miami for a girls getaway and an impromptu bachelorette party. You can read more about Miami here, here and here. Well with a little over a month left until the big day arrives we celebrated my friend by throwing her a bridal shower. I was honoured to be there not only as a guest but also as the photographer for the event. You got a small peek into her shower if you follow me on Instagram. I'm excited to share with you photos of her Norman Sparks inspired shower. I'm so excited for the big day and to see everything come together.


It was a very very very hot Sunday! In the high 30s, so it was nice to celebrate outside. Having fun, laughing and getting some much needed sun. The only problem... we were sweating, but I'm not complaining! I'll take a little heat over cold weather. 

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C R O W D  F I R E

Crowd Fire is great to use for tracking followers and non-followers for all social media accounts. I use it to keep up to date information for all my statistics especially when working with other businesses. I also love that I'm able to program posts to my social media accounts. This allows me to be productive while also posting in a timely manner. 


One of these best apps I've used thus far. I've been using Squarespace to post for my blog, and it provides me several different apps to keep productive and organized. If you know me then you know I like to be very busy and use every minute of my day as productively as possible. When I'm waiting before I go in for an appointment I use my time by setting up a template for a blog post. I may not get all done but I get it started. 

K E E P  S A F E

This app is one I discovered recently through a friend and it has helped me a lot. Being someone that needs to have photos and videos available at my fingers it's nice to have this app and I use it as a backup storage. The storage on my phone fills up pretty often and I may not have time to replace the old with the new so, instead I save these photos on the app. I take photos from it when I need to use them.

F A C E B O O K  P A G E  M A N A G E R

This app let's me post on the go and reach a wider range of my audience. There are days when I don't have time to sit at my computer and post but have to do it while I'm on the go. I'm also able to interact with my audience almost immediately, instead of hours later when I finally sit at my computer. It allows me to answer questions, comments etc. in almost real time. The best part of all is it's free to use.

D R O P B O X / G O O G L E  D R I V E

Storing senesitive documents that are available right away is very important in my line of work. Sometimes I need it to pull out contracts or documents for meetings. I will usually bring my Ipad with me, I prefer it to actually printing out documents. It helps to save trees, and reduce unnecessary paper. It's great because either Dropbox or Google Drive are safe ways of storing important information.


No matter where I am or what I'm doing keeping notes always helps keep me organized. It helps me stay productive and is a handy tool when I have a moment of inspiration. I'll even use it when I'm having meetings with clients and business partners. As much as I love pen and papers sometimes it's easier to store everything on my phone and refer back to it so easily. It makes it even easier when I can just email the notes and it syncs to my laptop and Ipad so I can pull up all the info. 

If you're self-employed or are starting out in the blogging world. I feel all these apps will help get you started and keep you organized. Things can be pretty overwhelming running a business so organization is key. 

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Summer is my favourite season. It's always an opportunity for a change, and I love to mix things up. Summer to me is all about days and weekends by the beach, spending all my time outside going for a run and getting ice cream with my bestie. 

I love to wear cute tops, especially this off the shoulder number when you have a nice glowing tan. Gold jewels always work so well with tanned skin, so I'm all about light pieces like this bracelet, and statement earrings. I love to wear comfy tees and jeans when headed out for errands. If I'm going to a meeting or a date night and have to dress up I prefer to wear cute white summer dresses with comfy wedges for lots of walking. I like to walk as much as possible especially when it's hot out. Enjoy as much of the beautiful weather as possible. I feel we never get enough of it here in Toronto. I don't like to spend too much time on my hair with such humidity so I go with a natural look. I spray some beach wave mist to give it a natural look. This also gives my hair a break from all the product and styling that usually occurs.

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